Puerto Vallarta


The beauty lies in the peculiarity, Vallarta has managed to retain the essence of yesteryear: a fishing village and a window to the sea for the miners in the mountains. Few places can boast that even their roofs are beautiful like Puerto Vallarta can. Cobblestone streets, red tile roofs, white walls, bougainvillea that overlook some balconies, steep and curved streets, speak of the beauty of imperfection; especially about the strong tradition of this town. Puerto Vallarta was founded in the mid-nineteenth century, with its original name “Las Peñas”. It arose from the need the mining mountain villages had to have a port in the Bay of Banderas, where to land the salt, mines, and other necesities, coming from national and international markets. A port, too, in which to ship various products of their mining, agricultural, fishing and forestry activities. In the course of Puerto Vallarta can be seen clearly three historical stages, marked by economic models in turn.

Exotic Environment

Puerto Vallarta is one of the most unique places in Latin America because of its biodiversity. Explore the beautiful tropical foliage that covers mountains and that is home to hundreds of species of birds, orchids, and abundant wildlife such as the ocelot, badger, the jaguar, and the iguana. Set sail in Sailboat tour to see how humpback whales breach the water, watch how the dolphins frolic, or travel offshore to fish marlin, snapper, sailfish, tuna and sea bass. Discover a destination of relaxing beaches, the latest in ecotourism and extreme adventures, all within an environment of mountains, rivers, beaches and emerald green waves of the Pacific Ocean. Spend the day at the “Los Muertos” Beach and experience its new harbor. Cross a suspension bridge to reach the Cuale River Island, covered by its leafy fig and buy there, something from one of the many shops that are on the island, eat or dine in this magical setting. Climp up the Matamoros Lighthouse for a spectacular view of the 7th largest bay in the world. There is nothing better than walking along the newly remodeled Malecon, right next to the historical center and the seashore, where you can enjoy the unique sunsets.

Warm y Multicultural

The beuty of Puerto Vallarta lies in its inhabitants, open, friendly, receptive; they have received both national and foreigners with open arms since time immemorial. This has always been its greatest asset. The Vallartan knows well how to receive visitors, their friendlyness and smiles are a stamp printed from the soul. This quality, coupled with the wonderful natural environment, has caused many people of different nationalities to decide to make Puerto Vallarta their home. Thus, it has become a melting pot where all emerge as a new culture without forgetting their unique traits which in turn permeate the port. The result is one multicultural flavored sea, where art flourishes, but the serene ways of Mexico remain. New forms of organizing surge in the city, the ​​bicycle takes terrain, as well as photography, dance and sculpture. A unique place. Puerto Vallarta is truly a tourist destination that the world has been recognized as the “Friendliest City” by Conde Nast in 2001, “World’s Best Place to Retire” by AARP (American Association of Retired Persons) and “Best Vacation Destination in Mexico” by USNews.com in 2010, “Most Romantic Place in Mexico” and “Favorite Beach Destination in Mexico” by About.com in 2012, and “Best Location for Conventions” in a magazine marketing conventions, has also been in the ranking “Top Cities Mexico and Central and South America” ​​of the World’s Best Awards by Travel + Leisure in 2013 and 2014 and the “Top 10 destinations in Mexico” by TripAdvisor in 2012, 2013 and 2014.


If food is an important factor for you in choosing a tourist destination, you could not find a nicer place to visit than Puerto Vallarta, all thanks to its wide range of restaurants offering magnificent culinary experiences. Maybe you prefer simple food, in which case the city ​​is filled with outdoor cafes, taverns and cenadurías, on the other hand, if you prefer something more sophisticated, there are many awarded winning restaurants that offer delicious gourmet dishes. Puerto Vallarta shines in different seasons, organizing events to promote local and international food. The “Wine Fest” in March is an excellent opportunity to taste and discover the wines of Mexico and around the world and experience wonderful wines and pairings. During the two weeks of “Restaurant Week” in May, the best restaurants in the area offer three amazing meals at discounted prices, and the “Gourmet Festival” is a gathering every November of chefs from around the world to create delicacies that will delight any palate.


Puerto Vallarta is a city that in recent years has received a variety of awards in different categories, among them is to be considered the “most romantic destination of Mexico” by About.com Reader’s Choice Awards. By the beauty of its natural scenery and various different attractions offered, Puerto Vallarta is highly recommended to enjoy great moments and a good place to experience with that special someone. To ask for marriage, enjoy the honeymoon, renew vows, or just to relive the romance, Puerto Vallarta is always an excellent option to have a romantic vacation on the beach, as it has a variety of activities and places to enjoy for a couple that are sure to leave with very special memories for a lifetime. Stroll along the boardwalk, take an ice cream and watch a sunset, sunbathe on the beach, relax in a spa, take a tour through the beautiful streets of the historic center, dinner on the beach in the light of the moon, make a boat trip, escape to one of the southern beaches as Yelapa, Majahuitas, Inlet, Las Animas or Quimixto or visit some of the enchanting villages that are a short drive away as San Sebastián, El Tuito and Pets, there is an endless list of activities to do in Puerto Vallarta. Definitely if you want to have a romantic holiday on the beach, you have to come to Puerto Vallarta and discover why it is considered one of the most popular romantic destinations in Mexico, both will enjoy it!