Main Attractions

The city has a variety of attractions, but these are the places that you need to experience in your visit to Puerto Vallarta.


El Malecon

The Malecon is located in the historic center of Puerto Vallarta and is a promenade of 870 meters long which starts in the traditional Hotel Rosita and extends to the romantic zone through the Arches. The Malecon is an emblematic icon of the city, not only because it is next to the sea and offers beautiful views of the bay, but because in its route concentrates a great variety of restaurants, bars, art galleries, jewelry stores, sculptures and attractions that make it the favorite place for visitors and locals.


Isla del Río Cuale

The Rio Cuale Island is located right in the middle of downtown and Old Vallarta (Romantic Zone). The island is divided into two zones, one of which is the quieter and where the Cuale Cultural Center, here you can enjoy an atmosphere of serenity where people enjoy walking, exercising, or know the beautiful stairs that link the island with the famous Gringo Gulch, these stairs give a spectacular view of the mountains of Puerto Vallarta.

The other side of the island is connected with the extension of the new Malecon (towards the Los Muertos pier) there you will find a variety of handicraft shops, ideal for those looking for a souvenir of your vacation in Puerto Vallarta. Both sides have their traditional suspension bridge, you will revive the curiosity and innocence of the child within when you cross.


Artisan Market “Pueblo Viejo”

Located a few blocks from the City Market, you can find a variety of shops offering jewelry, souvenirs, traditional clothing, rich local dishes, Mexican dishes and more.


Municipal Market of “Puerto Vallarta”

Located in the heart of the historic center of Puerto Vallarta, it is the Municipal Market, which offers visitors a wide variety of crafts, traditional clothes, jewelery and typical food of the country. Modern and functional, it was inaugurated on November 28, 1979. It has two floors, 159 locales and 132 tenants. Two murals adorn the facade, “Typical Market and Its People” and “The Cuale Iguana” which are works by Ernesto Garridos.

In its aisles you can find leather goods, sweets, silver jewelery, wooden toys, T-shirts with motifs Vallarta, hats, ponchos, swimwear and countless souveniers of the city.

On the second floor aromas refer to the rich cuisine of Mexico and whet the appetite. The traditional inns offer: shrimp broth, chicken mole, chile rellenos, fish fillet, tacos, grilled onions and fresh water, to name some of the most delicious and affordable dishes that the visitor or local can enjoy.


The Church of Our Lady of Guadalupe

One of the most visited places in Puerto Vallarta and a symbol of the city known worldwide. In this parish you can find true works of art: paintings, works in wood and marble. Its beautiful architecture and famous crown are the meeting place of thousands of pilgrims who visit throughout the year and especially in December to celebrate the anniversary of the Virgin of Guadalupe.


Main Plaza

It is also known as the Plaza de Armas, this beautiful square is adorned by a gazebo and beautiful trees and planters, here too there is the sculpture of Don Ignacio L. Vallarta, remarkable Jalisco jurist and former governor of Jalisco, who in his honor the city got its name. This is a quiet place where you can enjoy a delicious ice cream or just watch the beautiful scenery of the mountains or to the sea. Here there are events from concerts to cultural performances to art exhibitions and is the center of the celebration of national holidays, but on Sundays it becomes a wonderful dance floor for those who like to dance the traditional Danzon after going to mass.


“Muelle de Los Muertos”

Located in the Romantic Zone. The pier juts a little over a hundred meters into the sea and is a perfect place to walk alone, with your partner or family and enjoy the spectacular sunset over the bay. It is also ideal for those who like tranquility and look for a place to sit and read or even write for his inspiring nature. This spring also serves as a maritime boarding taxis to go to the southern beaches.


Old Vallarta – Romantica Zone

El Viejo Vallarta also known as the Romantic Zone is passing the Cuale River. This area reflects the style of a typical Mexican town with cobblestone streets and a peaceful atmosphere. Here you can enjoy cafes, restaurants, shops, boutiques, art galleries and a variety of nightclubs near Los Muertos Beach.


Marina Vallarta

Modern and sophisticated, the Marina Vallarta is located just minutes from Puerto Vallarta International Airport, and offers visitors a variety of attractions. A club of world class golf, an exclusive hotel zone, a marina that attracts luxurious yachts and boats from all over the world, a boardwalk with a wide variety of restaurants and a lighthouse that offers a spectacular view of Puerto Vallarta. La Marina both day and night, offers a luminous landscape full of glamour and elegance that you can not miss.


Marine Park “Los Arcos”

Popular Arcos Puerto Vallarta located south of the city are small granite islands that protrude from the sea surface. Los Arcos their name from the shape of arch rock formations. The largest of which measures 25 meters high, and even boats can pass under it. The small arches are perfect for practicing snorkeling and diving site, because you can swim through them and dive in the many caves and tunnels that the nature of these reefs has formed over time. To visit this site you can take a boat tour to the southern beaches, where “Los Arcos” is a must stop, but you can also rent a panga (boat) that offers the necessary equipment for snorkelling from the dock Los Muertos or in Mismaloya.


Vallarta Botanical Gardens

An oasis on the outskirts of Puerto Vallarta. In this garden visitors can enjoy a wide collection of endemic plants and flowers, i.e. native vegetation of this region, including a conservatory of orchids and vanilla. To mention just some of the attractions, here you can also admire rose gardens, aquatic plants, cactus, ferns, tropical fruit orchard and visit the picnic area, restaurant and shops. The Botanical Garden is located south of Puerto Vallarta.



It is a town located south of Puerto Vallarta, offers a beautiful beach surrounded by jungle, here you can enjoy delicious seafood dishes offered by small restaurants, or take a dinghy to visit the southern beaches, or the Marine Park’s Arcos for snorkeling. Mismaloya is recognized for being the setting for the film “The Night of the Iguana.” In this area, upstream it is the “Eden” perfect place to swim in the small pools formed by large stones. Eden was also the scene of another famous film, “Predator” starring Arnold Schwarzenegger.